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Every lawyer can submit his / her contacts just for 10 USD. All you need to do is providing correct and complete information about your legal practice. Please make it as thoroughly as possible. After submitting your information use payment button. We will add your contacts to the Attorney Directory during 2 working days after the payment.

Step 1. Pay 10 USD

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Submitting your contacts is one of the best ways of promoting your legal services and getting new clients. Choose your practice area, state and provide the whole information your clients may be interested. We will add a map to your profile, publish your photos and videos. This site is the place where good lawyers and good clients find each other.


This tool which helps people to find a good professional to protect their rights.  We provide correct and complete information about education, working experience and legal practice of US lawyers. All this information is well structured by practice areas and states. That is why it is very easy to find a proper attorney in your state, learn basic information and decide weather he / she is the right person to call for a help. All this information is published on a single web page and you don’t need to look through dozens of pages. Attorney Directory saves your time.  

How to find a good attorney

Choosing a good lawyer is not easy. You should check legal experience and practice areas of candidates to find out weather they serve cases similar to yours. Check professional memberships and bar admissions not to face legal malpractice. Then you’re better to choose up to 5 lawyers and call them. It is better to choose a legal professional you can trust to.