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Procedural violations. Violations of International Treaties and National Legislation. Severe violation of freedom of expression and freedom of information. Severe violation of the Right to a fair trial.

Throughout history, there have been varying forms of court reporting, but for the most part, their position in legal proceedings has been fairly constant.

Throughout this criminal law article I will give you solid advice and tips on how to deal with police and the prosecution after being arrested for drug possession.

This article has mentioned a few things that your lawyer will definitely never tell you. Law is an honest profession with dedicated and ethical professionals.

There are many car accessories people use that are illegal, and even more so for dangerous vehicle accessories. This law related article goes through the most notorious.

The different aspects on tax settlements or on judgments will definitely eliminate your ignorance and hep you get what you truly deserve.

Starting a business is equal parts exciting and challenging. Entrepreneurs who are just starting out are wearing many hats, this business law article can help them.

Biking is becoming a much more common form of transportation, and so is the number of bikers injured on the road.

A police officer decides to turn those colorful roof lights on and investigate you for no reason at all… well not so fast!

One thing that affects the relationship of married couples is bankruptcy. Read this bankruptcy article to find out how to protect yourself.

The question of how many DWI's before whiskey plates is dependent on each state. Click to learn more about avoiding the license plate of shame.

There’s a lot of talk around biometric authentication since Apple introduced its newest iPhone, which will let users unlock their device with a fingerprint.

A DNA test can be used for legal purposes. A legal DNA test is carried out when courts need concrete proof that a biological relationship exists between people claiming to be related. This family law article makes DNA issues more clear for our readers.

The family law article is about how to deal with the emotional trauma that comes with a divorce and how to amicably resolve it with the help of lawyers.

Being an attorney CAN be fulfilling. This legal career advice article explains why.

Elizabeth Loftus has spent decades exposing flaws in eyewitness testimony. Her ideas are gaining fresh traction in the US legal system. This law related article may be useful for everyone facing court litigations.

This real estate article is devoted to contesting or challenge a will. When it comes to challenging or contesting a will these can be tough.

Are you wondering how to instantly fail a drunk driving test in California? You can find the information by reading this criminal law article.

Advocates for diversity in the legal profession have long identified the Law School Admission Test as a major barrier to black and Hispanic law school applicants because on average they score lower than do whites and Asians-Americans.

The U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday filed suit against Bank of America Corp. and its affiliates, accusing them of lying to investors about the riskiness of residential mortgage-backed securities. This civil law article clearly shows how banks can chat investors. In a parallel civil action, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit lodging similar allegations.

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