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Immigration Law Articles

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Illegal Immigration affects everyone including those immigrants coming from other countries into the United States. Before delving into how Illegal Immigrants affect the citizens of the United States it is important to understand why and how immigrants come over.

There are a lot of reasons why so many people want to move to the United States. If you are  one of them, you should read this immigration law article.

This immigration law article with some useful advices. President Obama will ask Congress as early as next week to move quickly in the coming months on an ambitious overhaul of the immigration system. 

The city council of Los Angeles, California, voted in favor of a boycott of business relations with companies from Arizona.

Organizers of the referendums on the new law against illegal immigrants in Arizona, which has become the most stringent in relation to illegal immigrants in the U.S.

Members of two city councils from the state of Arizona have decided to sue the government of the state in connection with the adoption of the new immigration law related to arizona immigrants.

Democratic senators in the U.S. called for the revision of federal immigration law articles after approval of controversial law on illegal immigrants, recently passed in Arizona.

The investigating immigration law articles authorities of Haiti was removed charged with nine American missionaries who were detained while trying to export abroad, 33 local children.

The Office of Public Prosecutor of the USA demands to continue a legal investigation of Polanski on charge of 33-year-old prescription in seduction of the minor at its presence.

The head Immigration and customs office of the ministry of internal security of the USA John Morton  will sign the memorandum of mutual understanding. 

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