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Law Enforcement Articles

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Established in 1982 to create a counter attacked against major organized traffickers of illegal drugs, the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force or OCDETF was established.

This criminal law article is a perfect description of law enforcement related to wrongful death. Real help for people who lost their loved ones.

Supreme Court of the United States by five votes to four, put an end to the dispute of law enforcement and human rights activists, claim legal articles.

He is one of the newest recruits to Operation Payback. In a London bedroom, the 24-year-old computer hacker is preparing his weaponry for this week's battles in an evolving cyberwar.

Plaintiffs may require from Toyota to 7.35 billion dollars in compensation for lower value of vehicles.

Three months after a claim of patent infringement, filed by Eastman Kodak, Apple filed a counterclaim, accusing the manufacturer of cameras in violation of its patents.

U.S. prosecutors asked the Pope to help in the extradition of a priest of the Catholic Church of India, who is accused of sexual harassment.

Drunk driver has called in the American service of rescue and has accused itself of driving in a state of intoxication, informs MyFOX Detroit.

In American state Colorado have detained the police officer operating the car in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.

In California, USA, November 2, 2010 will be hold a referendum on the legalization of marijuana. There will no exist law enforcement for marijuana in California.

Representatives mediakonglomerata Viacom, accusing YouTube of violating their copyrights, filed a petition to the court for a decision on their claim in summary proceedings.

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