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Procedural violations. Violations of International Treaties and National Legislation. Severe violation of freedom of expression and freedom of information. Severe violation of the Right to a fair trial.

Throughout history, there have been varying forms of court reporting, but for the most part, their position in legal proceedings has been fairly constant.

There are many car accessories people use that are illegal, and even more so for dangerous vehicle accessories. This law related article goes through the most notorious.

Biking is becoming a much more common form of transportation, and so is the number of bikers injured on the road.

There’s a lot of talk around biometric authentication since Apple introduced its newest iPhone, which will let users unlock their device with a fingerprint.

Attorney Online publishes in law related articles results of new research of jurors' behavior in big and small groups.

Musician Jake Holmes knows what is law. Maybe ha read some law related articles.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government in connection with the tapping of international telephone calls and e-mails of Americans.

British businessman from which the court demanded an explanation for the disappearance of 400 million pounds during the divorce proceedings, declared bankrupt.

Preliminary hearings on the joint lawsuit against the automaker Toyota, associated with a defect of the gas pedal, is scheduled for May 13.

The Supreme court of district Los Angeles has passed the decision on several points of divorce case between actor Dennis a Hopper, a suffering cancer some gland, and his wife Victoria Duffy, transfers Associated Press.

Organisation US Copyright Group representing interests of independent film producers, has filed a lawsuit on 20 thousand users of torrents, which illegally, according to the claimants and law related articles, downloaded five films believe.

On Thursday, the European Commission should publish its proposals for reform of legislation relating to divorce.

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